Tiffany Rose

There is more to the Rose than just the flower to enjoy. The offset of leaves and warmth of sunlight and soft color bring me pleasure.   Framed in SmartcookyDesign’s  Versatile Virtual Frames:… Continue reading

Vintage Disneyland Mark Twain Steamboat

What an amazing vision Walt Disney had, opening his Magical Kingdom in July of 1955, a year before I was born. I feel fortunate to have been a child growing up at that… Continue reading

View from the Eldorado Hotel, Reno Nevada

Superimposed reflection of the bed and room on the window overlooking West Virginia Street, downtown Reno Nevada. “Rooms Transient” says a lot about the harsh reality of life upon the streets of a… Continue reading

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Smartcooky Design and Le Arte Escargot. ♥♥♥

Blood Moon Eclipse

I had two sleepless nights prior to the oncoming full moon – I am sensitive to the energy and it aggravates my sleep. I doubted I would be able to stay awake to… Continue reading

Day 19 of WP Photography 101: Double

Day 19 of WP Photography 101: Double  Today’s theme was titled Double – could that suggest Paired? Coupled?  It’s early spring and the weather is inviting people to spend their time outdoors. Perhaps… Continue reading

Day 18 of WP Photography 101: Edge

Day 18 of WP Photography 101: Edge “Today, show us an edge — a straight line, a narrow ridge, a precipice.” Lots of edges on this Iron staircase and walkway!

Day 17 of WP Photography 101: Glass

Day 17 of WP Photography 101: Glass Snapping a picture through the mini-blinds of my front window before the little finch sees me and takes flight. This wine glass is a pleasure to… Continue reading

Day 16 of WP Photography 101: Treasure

Day 16 of WP Photography 101:Treasure Treasure can come in many forms; A cherished object, a loved person, a favorite place. A Treasure can also come as re-experiencing a simple childhood moment that… Continue reading

Weekend 3: Photo 101

Weekend 2: Photo101 I came across some intersting windows. Their shape alone was unusual, but what grabbed my attention was the reflections. One window reflected an tall apartment building from across the street-… Continue reading