Street :Treat Blvd

Day 2 of WP Photography 101: Street

The view from Lime Ridge overlooking Treat Blvd during the evening homeward commute. This is a picture I’ve always wanted to take. The cars funneling down the major thoroughfare, the expansion of neighborhoods on either side. How incongruous it is all seems when you are up in the quiet of the open space park.  I enjoy hiking up at Lime Ridge in the evenings all year round. Lime Ridge runs down  foothills of the western side of Mount Diablo. Half of the time I bring my camera; but other times it is purely for the exercise, and I want to be unencumbered.  Whenever I don’t bring my camera I see thousands of things to take pictures of!

One of my major goals in this class is to learn sharper focus. Even though I brought my tripod, this picture is still quite blurry. I want to sell my photos as stock, (Shutterstock, etc.) and the requirements are quite stringent to have your photos qualify. Tack sharp is essential!