Vintage Disneyland Mark Twain Steamboat


What an amazing vision Walt Disney had, opening his Magical Kingdom in July of 1955, a year before I was born. I feel fortunate to have been a child growing up at that time, when the park was in it’s own infancy, to be able to experience it’s wonders through the eyes of pure innocence and wonder. I was so lucky! My grandfather worked for Walt Disney! My sister ( born the following year after me) and I, were immersed in Disney.

This photo is one of several of a collection of Disneyland slides from 1960 -61 that I had converted into png format files. After the slides were converted, I worked with them in Photoshop where I did my best to optimize, color adjust, straighten, and make them the best possible considering they are pretty old and dirty, and not taken by a professional, or even pro equipment; these are just ordinary family-on-an-outing snapshots. There are not many photos available of Disneyland as it was, and the very fact they are this way adds to their vintage charm. They speak of the fun of a family outing, of souvenirs and treasured memories. It was interesting to grow up and see it change through the eyes of a toddler to a teen to an adult. The Matterhorn shrunk to a hill and the Submarine ride became a caricature of itself, as did many rides that my childhood view point had me convinced to be very real. It was a bit of a shock to see the submarine ride become nothing more than cartoon imagery and fakery!

These Disney pictures (more to come) are available as png downloads at: