Day 15 of WP Photography 101:Landscape

Day 15 of WP Photography 101: Landscape Western side of Mt Diablo in early Spring Advertisements

Scale & Observation

Day 14 of WP Photography 101: Scale & Observation See that Oak Tree at the top of the hill? Want to take a hike? C’mon! Follow me! I’m always intrigued by what’s around… Continue reading

Day 13 of WP Photography 101: Moment & Motion

Day 13 of WP Photography 101: Moment & Motion “Think about the fleeting moments you experience each day — from a quiet, precious moment with your child to a busy commute through the… Continue reading

Architecture and Monochrome

Day 12 of WP Photography 101: Architecture & Monochrome Update: Update: Downtown City of Concord apartment doorway. Much prettier than a water heater. (See below) I was unable to get anywhere near today’s… Continue reading


Day 11 of WP Photography 101: Color “Today, pay attention to how color affects your images. Experiment with one color, and think about how to feature it prominently.” I am very fond of… Continue reading

Weekend 2: Photo101

Weekend 2: Photo101  I did not have any pictures for Weekend 1 of Photo101


Day 10 of WP Photography 101: Mystery I was hoping to photograph a scene that was dark and moody and perhaps even sensual for my Day 9 Mystery photo. Instead, I came across… Continue reading

Warmth and Quality of Light

Day 9 of WP Photography 101: Warmth and Quality of Light Today we were to capture a picture that reflects warmth and the quality of light. It is early spring here in California… Continue reading

Natural World

Day 8 of WP Photography 101: Natural World & Leading Lines “Capture the natural world with your camera: document a moment outside, big or small. From a panorama snapped during your morning hike… Continue reading


Day 7 of WP Photography 101: Big “Today, let’s go big. Whether inside or outside, photograph something of massive size. Feel free to interpret big in your own way, and get creative with… Continue reading