Day 6 of WP Photography 101: Connect. I took pictures of bridges. I took pictures of trains. I took pictures of telephones. All things that connect. But this was my favorite: a box… Continue reading


Day 5 of WP Photography 101: Solitude. The full moon rising through the trees fills me with peace and intangible longing. The shape of my desire is as elusive as the stars in… Continue reading


Day 4 of WP Photography 101: Bliss. In lieu of  a box of kittens, this represents utter Bliss to me. I love my guitar. Music always puts me into a state of mind… Continue reading


Day 3 of WP Photography 101: Water It was interesting thinking about water throughout day, considering we are in a 4 year drought here in California. It made me aware of just how… Continue reading


Day 2 of WP Photography 101: Street The view from Lime Ridge overlooking Treat Blvd during the evening homeward commute. This is a picture I’ve always wanted to take. The cars funneling down… Continue reading


Day 1 of WP Photography 101: Home The beginning of February brought a storm that countered the premature California Spring. Fresh magenta blossoms had already sprung ahead of new leaves on the thorny stark… Continue reading